Fisher Wallace improves mental health with FDA-Cleared wearable technology


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Fundraising Sucess


Fisher Wallace is now offering shares to the public via a Regulation A+ Offering on StartEngine


Total Addressable Market

Military & Aerospace

Industrial & Commercial


Urban Air Mobility (UAV)


We are a Clinically Proven Alternative to Drug Therapy

Fisher Wallace Laboratories is a leading medical device startup focused on the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia and is raising capital to scale its non-drug treatment solution.  Our easy-to-use, FDA-Cleared technology has been prescribed by over 10,000 providers to over 60,000 patients and has been proven safe and effective in multiple published studies. Patients wear our device for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before bed to treat anxiety, depression and/or insomnia.


Fisher Wallace has multiple paths to liquidity

Fisher Wallace has signed an agreement with StartEngine to participate in StartEngine Secondary, a new investor trading platform that will match orders for buyers and sellers of Fisher Wallace securities. Fisher Wallace will not join this platform until after its closes its current equity crowdfunding campaign. Listing on StartEngine Secondary provides shareholders access to a marketplace for their shares.

Start Engine



We develop advanced rotary engines based on our patented HEHC thermodynamic cycle and engine architecture. LiquidPiston engines are designed to be:

Lightweight & Compact

Up to 80% smaller and lighter than the traditional piston Diesel engines.


Only two primary moving parts, optimally balanced.

High-Efficiency and Lower Fuel Consumption

Up to 30% decrease in fuel consumption, lower CO₂ emission and lower cost of running an engine.

Quiet and Near-Zero Vibration

With lower pressure exhaust and just two moving components that are optimally balanced, the engine is inherently quiet, and offers exceptionally low vibration.

Our version 2.0 device will set a new standard for industrial design excellence.



Acquired original patents and FDA Clearance (510k) from inventors Saul and Bernard Liss


Completed study of bipolar depression patients conducted at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital


Approved for Over-the-Counter (OTC) sale in Europe and Canada


Over 10,000 devices sold in a single year


FDA announced company’s approval path for depression, anxiety and insomnia

2020 May

Lowered manufacturing cost by 60%

2020 July

Started three clinical trials for FDA Approval

2021 March

Submission of clinical trial data to FDA

2021 November (anticipated)

Release of Version 2.0 device

2022 March (anticipated)

Earliest expected date of FDA approval

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  • LPI Hybrid Power System eliminates 90% of battery pack
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  • CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption reduced


  • Gasoline engines are inefficient
  • Diesel engines are big and heavy
  • Electric batteries weigh a ton compared to what they produce
  • Battery-only EV's are limited in range and recharging takes a long time
  • Limited payload
  • High operating costs


  • Compact, lightweight engine
  • Power-dense and multi-fuel capable
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Meet The Founders

Kelly Roman

Co-Founder & CEO & Director

For the past decade, Kelly Roman has helped lead the fields of neuromodulation product development, regulatory affairs, healthcare marketing and clinical trial strategy. Prior to co-founding Fisher Wallace, Kelly graduated from Harvard and served as an award-winning executive in the digital advertising and SaaS industries. He recently served on the boards of two charter high schools in New York City.

Charles Fisher

Co-Founder & Chairman & Director

Charles “Chip” Fisher grew up in the electronics business before helping pioneer the neuromodulation industry - his father, Avery Fisher, founded Fisher Radio (later named Fisher Electronics). After graduating from Harvard and serving as a sales executive at IBM, Chip acquired the original intellectual property to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and is the company’s largest shareholder - and recent TEDx contributor.